澳门永乐Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd., headquartered in the Deyang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Sichuan province, specializes in R&D, production and sales of new plastic pipes (fittings), engineering design, construction, installation, import & export of raw and auxiliary materials, mechanical and electrical products, and plastics.Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd. is controlled by the well-known corporation JNC Group Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10,368,000 yuan and total assets of 60 million. 

10368000 yuan
Registered capital
Total assets
12Million tons
Production capacity
covering an area of 200
thousand square meters
12 modern
production workshop
More than 30
Production line

The company has three wholly-owned branches including Tianjin Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd. (Binhai New District), Sichuan Senpu Import & Export Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Senpu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. The headquarters covering an area of 200,000 m2 is equipped with 12 up-to-date production shops, more than 30 international and national sophisticated pipe lines, and 24 fitting production lines, manufacturing 120,000 tons of products annually. Senpufulfils its duty as a famous trademark of China. After nineteen years of efforts and development, Senpu has been unanimously acknowledged by the party committees and governments at all levels, markets, customers, and all sectors of the community and has been successively awarded “national company that observes contracts and keeps promises”, “national high-tech corporation”, “national new pipe technology industrialization demonstration company”, “national leading quality management unit”, “China’s premium brand”, “technology center of provincial companies”, “Famous Sichuan brand”, and “Famous trademark in Sichuan province”. At the 8th China Plastic Pipes Bidding and Purchasing Evaluation Promotion in 2016, Senpu was rated as “top 10 brands of plastic pipes purchased by the government in 2016”, “benchmarking enterprise in the field of plastic pipe building drainage in 2016”, “top 10 honest bidding company in the plastic pipe industry in 2016”, and was given the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Sponge City 2016”.
As a leading company in China’s PE pipe industry, Senpu focuses on the effective combination of technical innovation and product research in particular and has attracted a great many intermediate and senior professionals to do research work with a heavy outlay invested by it. The company has taken part in and written eight national and industrial standards and related codes for engineering technology and technical specifications of design and installation and has established a long-term school-enterprise partnership with Sichuan University. JNC Group Co., Ltd. and the postdoctoral workstation of Sichuan University have been providing it with technical supports. Senpu is qualified for assessing national special equipment welders (nonmetal pipe welders) and also evaluated as "Engineering Technology Center of Deyang" and“City-Level Academician Workstation”. In 2016, the company set up the Science & Technology Association of Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd.
Evolution, as in Darwin'sOntheOriginofSpecies, guarantees survival to the fittest. Senpu has exploited a vast area in the industry where market competition is especially fierce out of its integrity and duty as well as quality products, moderate prices and excellent services, providing customers and society with all-round pre-sales, on-purchase and after-sales services ranging from pipe work planning, design, installation and construction to technical consultation and personnel training. Following the tenet of creating wealth for society and values for customers, Senpu has opened 30 offices nationwide, with sales and service networks radiating across China and even some other countries. Its aim is to offer customers more efficient and convenient technical supports and services and build a green and environmentally-friendly, risk-preventing and safe barrier for plastic pipe markets and customers.

The man ofhonourwillstriveconstantly for self-improvement.Senpu has always devoted to cultivating an outstanding team that is forming corporate culture and core competitiveness, and absorbing advanced management concepts, and fulfilling its social responsibility, and ceaselessly improving business architecture and control. It is aimed to exert a subtle influence on each of its employee with its corporate value and operation philosophy of sincerity, dedication, promise-keeping, and responsibility, thus shaping a highly cohesive, creative combat-worthy team and laying a solid foundation for its staff and itself to take the leading position in the industry and on the market.
Senpu people are stretching their arms to embrace friends and guests from all corners of the globe seeking common development. A Strong, innovative, export-oriented, and typicality company has unfolded its wings soaring to the forefront of the industry and the industrial tide of west China. With sincerity, devotion, promise-keeping, and responsibility, Senpu people are interpreting the integrity and social responsibility of "Senpu" brand. 

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